30 Days to Becoming a Better Parent

Picture 1My friend and fellow dad, Chris from Dad of Divas, is running a special free program for dads.

“I am embarking on an ambitious effort of providing some insights into parenthood and sage wisdom that has either been shared or that I have researched in regards to parenthood, and what it takes to be a great parent.”

This is a great opportunity for us to gain a better understanding of ourselves while making some improvements, too.

If you have a minute, click this link and join us.

And remember, you are not alone…

Can One Dad Trade Up to a Minivan, for free?

The Great Minivan Trade Up

My friend, and fellow dad over at Dad of Divas is on a quest for a free minivan. Although there’s a lot of work involved, as well as the possibility of failure, he provides an excellent example of thinking outside the box and working with what you’ve got. 

“What I am offering is to try a trade up project for a new (or very gently used – preferably new) Toyota Sienna… I am looking for people to offer trade ups that have some value to others.”

Chris is looking to turn this…

Into this…

Click here for more information, to follow Chris’ progress, or to become part of this event.

Best of luck, Chris!

And remember, you are not alone…