The Romance Challenge: Learning to Date Your Wife Again

When was the last time you went on a date with your wife?

Did your conversation include talking about the kids, the bills or some other type of responsible discussion?

If so, then there’s a good chance you’ve lost the romance in what’s supposed to be the most romantic relationship in your life. I’ve never been overly romantic, but compared to how I was when I was dating my wonderful wife, I’ve slipped even further away from my romantic side.

Do I still love my wife? Of course. Do I sill find her sexy, interesting and attractive? Indeed I do.

But if I don’t take the time to be romantic with her, there’s a chance the connection we have will wither away. In other words, I can’t let stress, exhaustion, work, caring for my kids, my speaking career, mowing the lawn and all the other stuff in my life get in the way of keeping the romance alive in my marriage.

I have a friend who recently got divorced. Last time I saw her, she told me that the marriage ended because her and her husband had simply become friends. There was no fire left, no spark. If we don’t procure the romance in our marriage it might just disappear forever.

It’s time to begin the romance challenge. First up, making a date, and learning how to actually treat it like a date.

Who’s with me?

And remember, you are not alone …

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Do You Have a Date Night?

For the past two months, my family has been without a babysitter. Since we live 800 miles away from friends and family, without a sitter there is no opportunity for my wife and I to have dinner, stroll through the bookstore, or have coffee & conversation without the kids.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids and I love spending time with them. But I also need some wife time. Just me and her, “man-o a wife-o,” so to speak. Without a sitter, Date Night was no more. And as every week went by, I realized the import of those few hours of husband & wife time we shared.

Thank goodness we finally found a new sitter. Date Night has been reinstated!

My circumstances got me wondering about other couples. If you’re married with kids, do you do date night? Or some other form of husband and wife time?

If you’re a single parent, how do you handle a date night with your kids? Do they meet your date, or do you keep your love life separate from the kids until a relationship becomes more serious?

Your thoughts, opinions and stories are appreciated.

And remember, you are not alone…