DVD Review: NASCAR Baby is on the Right Track to Learning


by Team Baby Entertainment
Featuring the voice of Jay Leno

There’s a children’s DVD company called Team Baby Entertainment. Greg, the president, has done a wonderful job of creating sports themed children’s “entertainment.” The reason why I’ve put quotes around the word entertainment is because Team Baby goes far beyond simply keeping our kids occupied.

It helps them learn. And it’s fun, too!

Today’s review centers around NASCAR Baby, a great DVD about, well, NASCAR! My wife is a huge fan and we watch the Sprint Cup race every weekend. Since we know NASCAR, I wasn’t quite sure if my wife and I would be engaged in the video. But we were, and so were the kids.

My older son is 4 and my younger 21 months. Despite the age difference, they were both interested in the race footage and engaged in the learning segments. There’s spelling and numbers, all geared (no pun intended) towards NASCAR. So as kids learn how to spell words like “tire” and “race,” they’re also learning about the context of how these things are used.

The DVD is packed full of short, cartoon-like learning segments. At first I thought the kids might be overwhelmed, but they were totally OK with the amount of spelling and reading they were seeing. 

My younger son loved the music (which is pretty catchy) and danced around, trying to keep an eye on the TV so he wouldn’t miss anything. He repeated the letters, and liked seeing the babies and children in the DVD.

Here’s a quote from my older son: “I liked the song, the spelling and I also liked the babies. And I liked the race cars. I can’t wait to watch it again sometime!”

I asked him if he would recommend it to his friends. His response was an emphatic “yes!”

My wife and I also liked the DVD. We found it was cute and educational. It managed to fit a lot of learning into a half hour program. But not in a way that was overwhelming. Each child picked up what they could along the way, while we all talked about cars and spelling, etc.

It became a social interaction that we all enjoyed. 

Greg also has a daddy blog, in case you’d like to read what’s on his mind.

And remember, you are not alone…

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