Huggies Children’s Products: Shape Matters, Dads Don’t

In the May issue of Parenting Magazine, I found yet another ad from a major children’s company that excludes dads. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, especially since it’s an ad inside a magazine who’s cover tagline is “What Matters to Moms.”

The ad, which appears on page 54, is for an “easy-grip, no-slip bottle*” for bath time hair and body wash. You may be wondering what that little asterisk is for after the word bottle. Well, at the bottom of the ad Huggies tells you:

 “*Picked by moms for better no-slip grip.”

I’d like to meet the Huggies executive who signed off on this one. I’m just wondering what type of research the company did before deciding to make this claim. Did they get a bunch of moms together and ask them what they liked best?

Did they bother to ask these moms who gives the children most of their baths? Because I give both my boys ALL of their baths. Yes, I am Bath-man! Exclusive bath giver to my children (and myself), no matter how dirty or stinky! It gives me a little extra time with the kids, and it gives my wife a break because she works very hard to take care of us.

It’s funny, because every dad I know tells me the same thing. They are the ones giving the baths.

Here was a chance for Huggies to get it right. To give a nod to all the dads of the world who sacrifice time with their kids to go to work and earn money so their family can survive.

See, Mr. Huggies executive, the thing is that us dads also use this money to buy children’s products. Like bath soap for instance. I for one can say I won’t be buying yours.

And remember, you are not alone…

2 Replies to “Huggies Children’s Products: Shape Matters, Dads Don’t”

  1. I don’t give Olivia any baths…not that I don’t want to, but she just won’t let me. She’s way into mommy these days.

    But I hear you! It’s almost like these companies don’t care about the dads. They ought to learn to market to men and not just women.

    What is this…1950?

  2. I also agree with you though I never would have thought about this unless you had posted it. I guess it is just ingrained in me to know that I am not marketed to , at least in regards to baby/kids products. The execs over at the big companies (and I guess even the smaller companies) have bought into the notion that moms are who do the majority of the child caring and rearing in American society. While this may be true, I would agree with you that dads also do have a wallet and do make purchases for these products.

    So power to all of us dads… companies beware… 🙂

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