Hello dads!

Welcome to Daddy Brain.

This blog is a sounding board for me, and you, to express what us dads are going through and how we feel about it. It’s a blog for what I call “real dads” — the kind that love to play with their children and don’t mind changing stinky diapers. It’s for the kind of father who’s heart breaks because he’s at work all day instead of playing with his pals. Not every dad is a real dad, and that’s OK. But if you’ve sought out this blog, then you obviously are.

I’m tired of being considered a second class parent by magazines, family and the world we live in. Dads are parents too! In the coming weeks, I’ll be posting all sorts of things about the many facets of fatherhood. I’d also like to highlight dads who have inspirational stories, or who might need a little help from the rest of us.

Always remember, you are not alone…

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