100 Best Blogs for Healthy Parents

Online Nursing Programs has compiled an extensive list for moms and dads. Although they’re a resource for the nursing profession, they’ve started a blog that caters to parents and general health. 

100 Best Blogs for Healthy Parents covers a variety of topics, making it a good resource. I’m honored to say that Daddy Brain was included in the list as one of the best dad blogs!

I’m reprinting the remainder of their “best dads list,” here. Click through to their site for links to nutrition & healthy living, blogs for moms, parenting advice and more…

Best Dad Blogs
Pacing the Panic Room. Ryan is a devoted husband and dad who shares the adventures of his unique family in his popular blog.

Men’s Health. From Blisstree, this blog features men’s health topics such as snoring, traumatic brain injuries, and male contraception.

An Ultra Runner’s Blog. This dad is also a runner and writes about staying fit and healthy.

Daddy Brain. This dad shares tips and advice on being a great parent.

MH Today. Read stories related to men’s health on topics such as exercise, the link between obesity and the brain, and yoga for relieving back pain.

Working Out the Details. This Men’s Health blog is all about fitness and working out.

A Family Runs Through It. A stay-at-home dad who homeschools, this blogger lovingly shares his family’s experiences.

Perfect Shave Dispatch. This blogger is fanatical about wet shaving and offers tips, products, advice, and more on how to get the perfect shave.

Balding Blog. If Dad is losing his hair, then read about hair loss and hair restoration from the doctors who blog here.

Childsplayx2. This involved dad writes about family life, fathers’ image when it comes to parenting, and much more.

 And remember, you are not alone…

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