What the blog is going on? Which presidential candidate is best for our kids?

What the blog is going on? is a weekly question or comment about what’s happening in the world, and how it could potentially affect our kids. It’s a chance for all of us to share our thoughts and learn from each other. This week’s question:

Which presidential candidate is best for our kids?

I could sure use some help with this one, as I don’t follow politics too closely. I get too upset with what I hear, as well as what I don’t hear, from politicians. All I know is what my gut tells me from the little information I’ve learned.

McCain is a Republican. He believes in keeping this war going (from what I’ve heard). So it looks like more of the same, albeit with a higher functioning brain.

Obama gives me the creeps. There’s something about him that worries me — something in his eyes. He’s a good talker but I feel like he’s lying. But then again, that could be said of a multitude of political figures.

Hillary, well she’s Hillary. She’s always seemed cold and detached to me. But she also seems smart. And I liked the way her husband ran this country, so might she have a similar mindset?

I do not mind that Obama is a black man, nor do I mind that Hillary is a woman. No matter what candidate takes hold of the White House, isn’t it time they took care of the people who live in this fine country? Especially our kids?

What do you think?

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