Obama vs. McCain: Who’s Best for Our Kids?

As the 2008 Presidential Election approaches (thank God it’s almost over), have you thought about which candidate has our children’s best interests in mind?

Who do you trust, not only to run the country and make things better NOW, but who has the right mindset to build a better future for our children?

Here’s an anonymous poll to gauge how parents are viewing the election. You are also welcome to comment in as much detail as you like (this will not be anonymous).

– – – –

Remember, McCain couldn’t even take the time to answer some questions for Parents Magaazine. Only his wife showed up. What does that say about how he prioritizes kids? And moms?

And remember, you are not alone…

2 Replies to “Obama vs. McCain: Who’s Best for Our Kids?”

  1. Great poll! So far we’ve got a total of 101%. I think someone voted twice.
    I wish I’d thought of Mike Wasowski when I voted today, instead of writing in Chuck Norris.

  2. @ Tom – Indeed, the program rounds up to the nearest whole number. Since McCain & Wasowski are tied, well, they each have an extra 1/2%.

    Will it be enough to overcome their defecit?

    Back to you Tom & thanks for voting.


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