Resources for Divorced Dads

Need help dad? Whether you’re contemplating a divorce, are in the middle of one, or are simply dissatisfied with the court’s decision regarding custody of your kids, there is help. And no matter what the situation, even though it might not seem like it right now, there is hope. Your kids are depending on you to do your part to improve the situation. I hope these resources prove useful: 

Nationwide Programs:

Dads Divorce
Essential information & resources for men at any stage of divorce.

Father’s Help Hotline
A Powerful new fathers’ rights protection system.

Fathers for Justice
“Anyone who supports equality in family courts is welcome in our organization. We believe that children of divorce or separation deserve the right to be raised equally by BOTH parents.”

Child Support Savings

Find the Children
A national nonprofit organization dedicated to the prevention, location, and recovery of missing and abducted children.

Local Wisconsin Programs:

Even if you’re not local to Wisconsin, these groups may still be able to help you. And if they can’t, there’s a good chance they can direct you to a group closer to home.

Family Resource Center of Madison, WI
A directory of contacts. 

Partners in Parenting Resource Center – Madison
810 W. Badger Road, Madison, WI 53713
(608) 251-0355

The top 5 legal things for practitioners to know when working with unmarried fathers (good for unmarried fathers to know, too)

If anybody knows of other helpful links, please let me know.

And remember, you are not alone…

One Reply to “Resources for Divorced Dads”

  1. Hi I enjoy your blog. I have a couple of suggestions for your resource section. I have been listening in on a webcast that happens every week –
    They also have a really cool podcast call divorced dad minute. Check them out. Hope you agree.

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