Great Local Business Story

Today I took my family out to the local Volkswagen dealer here in Middleton, Wisconsin. The experience I had with the salesman, Michael Garski, was quite incredible.

My boys, wife and I are all big Herbie the Love Bug fans, and we decided to go to the dealership to check out a Beetle, and hopefully take a test drive.

Michael was so gracious, and even though we told him we were just stopping by for a test drive, he treated us like family. It didn’t matter that we weren’t coming in ready to buy today. Michael was more concerned with providing outstanding service, building a relationship and honoring the philosiphy of his dealershihp (which is Zimbrick Volkswagen, on Century Avenue by the way).


My kids were given a brochure about the Beetle, as well as a few promotional DVD’s about Volkswagen cars. We were made to feel special and welcome, and I actually felt guilty leaving without making a purchase. When we’re ready, I know who my salesman will be when we purchase a Volkswagen Beetle (possibly two when my boys are old enough to drive).

Mike is the grandfather of two grand daughters, only 11-months apart. I could tell how much he enjoys and misses them by the way he treated my kids. Thank you Michael!

And remember, you are not alone…

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