A Conversation of Biblical Proportions

Picture 1Join myself and Pastor Paul Peterson @ paulpetersonlive.com for our ongoing conversation about The Bible.

It’s an interesting combination of ignorance (mine) and expert-level knowledge (his) as I ask some pretty pointed questions.

Paul is a really good guy, as well as a dedicated family man and church leader. I highly recommend his blog!

And remember, you are not alone…

4 Replies to “A Conversation of Biblical Proportions”

  1. Joey,

    If nothing else, your comments have temporally inflated my ego this morning! Thanks. 😉

    This conversation is exciting in that it is thoughtful, respectful, and approaches theology/biblical interpretation from two different perspectives! Conversations like this offer insight and learning opportunity to all who are involved! Thanks for getting it started!

  2. Joey,
    I love your questions/responses! Just last night…or technically early this morning 😉 my 17 yo son and I had a similar conversation, yet different. He is a Christian, his faith in Jesus in strong, yet many of the questions and responses you have brought up are what we discussed. From things like…the Bible is God-inspired yet God wasn’t holding the pen–does that make a difference; the Biblical stories happened but were they in the context of history and how (or would they) be different today; to questions about the practical intent/purpose of missions to what part of ‘religion’ is truly just that–human religious practices piled onto Biblical truth–including the Bible itself.

    We (my sons and I) firmly believe in Jesus and are Christians in the truest sense. But we didn’t get here blindly…questioning, examining, and having the courage to peel back all the layers, along with knowledge and experiences, are what continue to increase understanding and deepen our faith. We need to be challenged to break down what we really believe. The craziest thing is that too often Christians have the same questions that you do…they’re just too afraid to ask them. Thanks for doing it for them!!

    1. @ Rindy: Glad you like the series! I think it is fantastic that you’re having these conversations with your son. I’m also grateful to Paul who has been so graceful throughout this whole process. I hope to hear your thoughts on what we’re cooking up next!



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