The Daddy Brain Dads’ Group

Are you a dad local to the Madison, Wisconsin, area? If so, you’re welcome to join the Daddy Brain Dads’ Group.

It’s a place for modern-day dads to talk about what’s on our minds, in our hearts and what we struggle with as parents. Whether you’re a working dad, a stay-at-home-dad, or somewhere in-between — this is your chance to be heard.

Join our monthly meetings the third Wednesday of every month,  from 7:30-8:45 pm @ The Madison Public Library, Sequoya Branch, 4340 Tokay Blvd, Madison, WI.

Upcoming meeting date:
– Meetings are scheduled to resume in Late Summer/Fall. Check back soon for more details.

To reserve your seat, or for more info, contact Joey at

or 608-216-6760.

And remember, you are not alone…

7 Replies to “The Daddy Brain Dads’ Group”

  1. My wife and I, plus our 1-month-old baby boy, will be moving to Madison in December/January. I look forward to joining you guys!

    In the meantime, if you have any advice about being a dad in the Madison area, hit me up…


    1. Hey Casey.

      Good to hear from you. If you like, send me an e-mail @ I will put you on my Daddy Brain Dads’ Group e-mail notification list – so you’ll always know when the next meeting is happening.

      We can also talk (or write) a bit about Madison.

      Welcome (well almost) to Wisconsin!


  2. i would love to join your group but i live in NJ.and have 2 little girls 3 and 1yr olds are a hand full an sometimes can’t stop myself from yelling help

  3. I have read your articles “Stop yelling daddy 1 and 2” and “Retrain your Brain 1 and 2” Do you have any more advice about changing your reactions in situations? I just seem to be repeating the same behavior patterns over and over and over and over. I want to change but it seems impossible. And don’t tell me I need to see a therapist. If my wife can’t convince me to do that, you can’t either. Anyway, thanks for being here, I’m glad I found your website.

    1. @ Andrew: Thank you for your comment. The only additional advice I can give you is to keep being aware of what you’re doing. Take it one day at a time, and realize that the habits that you’ve formed have taken years to develop. Only through “retraining” yourself will new habits start to stick. I can totally understand where you’re coming from regarding repeating the same bahavior. It’s like being on autopilot, with no control sometimes.

      How do you feel about picking one habit – whether it’s yelling, or something else, and preparing yourself with alternative options to replace the unwanted habit? Just pick one, and continue to remind yourself (when you’re not in the actual situation) of what your new response will be.

      The fact that you are looking to make positive changes means you are on the right road. Keep with it.

      As far as therapy, that’s your decision. But if there’s someone you can talk freely with about these issues (your wife, a friend or family member), it might prove helpful. Talking about it may diffuse it. For me, I’m always surprised that other dads are experiencing the same things as I am. This makes me feel less alone.

      In the coming months, I’ll be holding webinars on these types of subjects. If you’d like to forward me your e-mail, I’d be happy to put you on my events e-mail list.

      Best of luck, and thanks for getting in touch.


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