The Daddy Brain Radio Show

Click here to listen to the inaugural episode of The Daddy Brain Radio Show!

The show aired live on Monday, March 16th @ 7 pm, Central Time, on WORT Radio (89.9 FM). The topic of the show was: Dads are Not Second-class Parents.

I took calls, live on the air, from dads just like you about issues that relate to modern day dads. I even had a surprise in-studio guest who spoke about raising his son and a rare positive divorce experience (in the courts & with his ex).

Although there were a few kinks, like not mentioning the station’s phone number enough, the show went well and I learned a lot. I’m also grateful to WORT for providing me with the opportunity.

Click the link above and listen to the archived show from anywhere in the world on your computer with streaming audio.

And remember, you are not alone…

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